Class 100,000 (ISO 8)

Dust-free Workshop

It is a mandatory requirement that both the mixing workshop and the filling workshop in the cosmetic production plant must meet Class 100,000 (ISO 8) standards.

Finished Products

Assembly Line

Young and skilled workers are carefullying working in the clean area, and finally the finished products will be stroed in the warehouse, and waiting for the shipment.

Approval Sample


Professional chemists make samples in the laboratory according to our clients' requirements, or our clients select samples from our showroom. After our sales team receives confirmation of the client's order, we will start mass production and eventually arrange for shipment.

Product Advantages

In 2013, IVORYe established a large factory, JAZZ, covering 5240 Square Kilometers. Following GMPC, ISO22716 standard, our skillful workers manufacture 95% lipstick masterpieces for clients globally and have developed good relationships with them.

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Platform Advantages

Production control is the key to ensuring the highest quality level of IVORYe lipsticks. It is maintained by our systematic planning and the coordination of all manufacturing activities in accordance with ISO22716 standards. With 8 automated production lines and over 100 experienced workers, IVORYe has a daily capacity of over 200K lipsticks.

Why Choose IVORYe

Instant Response

Our sales team gives you the most considerate 24-7 services.

R&D Team

We are able to make your private label lipsticks based on your local market preference.

OEM Available

Our chemists and our designers provide the most trendy style for your market.

Quality Control

All employees are passionate about our products.


All ingredients are food-grade, and the products are made in our dust-free workshops.

Air Shipping

For shipments less than 1 CBM, we recommend shipping by air.

Sea Shipping

For shipments larger than 1 CBM, we recommend shipping by sea.

Global Support

We offer full compensation for defective products.

Purchasing Steps

***OEM order: Chemist make sample ——–Confirmed sample ——–PI for quantity and prices ——— Deposit ——–Artwork——–Mass produce ———Balance ———Shipping. ***Stocked lipsticks Order: Confirmed sample ———PI ——–100% Payment ———Printing your logo and packing ——— Shipping

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